14 avril 2016

The crowdfunding Campain for Restless Berlin will start soon!

Hello Guys! Are you ready? We are! To what exactly? To start our crowdfunding campaign in oder to finance the Print of 1500 copies of Restless Berlin, to reward the Graphist, the Filmmaker who developped a very nice film that you will discover in cupple of days on Ulule.com.  Here some extracts of our Crowdfunding's page and of the video :       
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12 avril 2016

Some pieces of the Berlo's ways

  In order to get some feedback and to show what we have already done for the guide Rastlos Berlin, we organized an exhibition one month ago . For this event, Cristina decided to animate some of her maps with some pop-ups. Unfortunately, in the guide, the maps will be printed without these pop-ups but we wanted to share with you this nice result. Feel free to share with us your comments.     Friedrichshain-Rummelsburg-Treptow for a nice sunny sunday in Berlin   Wedding and the... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2016

what is it all about?

After the creation of the first Berlin guide book “Ceci n’est pas un guide” (This is not a guide book) and after three years managing the francophone Berlin actuality website www.lepetitjournal.com/Berlin, Anaïs Gontier imagined a new way to tell stories about her adopted city : The Comic strip. Trough a collaborativ work with the drawer Margot Bardinet (watercolourist), the translator Anna Johannsen and the graphic artist Cristina, this project became reality. Since spring 2015 the Berliners Team have been designing “Restless... [Lire la suite]
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